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Indicators Of An Abusive Relationship

In most cases when a relationship is at the beginning stage it usually is full of bliss and magical moments. It is easier to know someone’s character once you have spent time with them in a relationship. Abuse in a relationship is seen through sexual abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse. Some of the signs of an abusive relationship and how to deal with certain situations are listed below, and you can read more here.

Your Partner A Business You Physically

It is important that you are aware of the statistics on the number of death cases reported due to physical abuse in relationships as there are three women who die daily due to physical abuse and you can read more here. When a partner threatens to abuse you physically that should be a wake up call to get out of the relationship. Reach out to a legal professional if your partner is abusive or threatens to physically abuse you and go to a location where they cannot reach you. You can read more here about legal options you have to protect you from an abusive relationship.

Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive

If your partner is abusive verbally and they speak words that are meant to belittle you every time then that is a sign that you are in an abusive relationship. You should leave a relationship that is emotionally and verbally abusive immediately and seek counseling to ensure that the words that your partner speaks do not affect you read more here about different counseling options.

Your Partner Does Not Want You To Associate With Friends And Family

Your partner will cut you off from your family and your friends so that you do not have a support system in your life when you are in an abusive relationship. If you find that your partner is cutting you off from your support system then you should try and reach out to your family and friends, and they can advise you in the best way to leave the abusive relationship.

An Abusive Partner Will Not Respect Your Boundaries

A partner who does not respect your boundaries is abusive as boundaries are part of every healthy relationship. You can leave the relationship if your partner fails to respect your boundaries or you can read more here on how to re-establish the boundaries of the relationship.

Your Relationship Is Manipulative

You are in an abusive relationship when your partner is always manipulative and twists your words any time you try to talk to them about anything in your relationship. As much as it is hard to know that a partner is manipulative it is essential that you talk to a counselor on how to deal with manipulation and you can read more here about other solutions.

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