Exploring the Perfect Drug Addiction Removal Now

When a person attends a drug addiction center, a precise assessment of their state of physical and psychological health as well as of educational and social aspects must be carried out in order to plan the most appropriate therapeutic strategy. As a result of the same exploration, the need for admission to the Center for detoxification is valued

Leaving the consumer momentarily is easy, but keeping up without consuming is the commitment. Addiction is a chronic disease, for this reason it is essential to perform a treatment in a specialized center, in which there is a multidisciplinary team that accompanies you and guides you throughout the process.

Drug free program

In the center, we follow a drug-free program, where the person is the center of treatment and where our main objective is the total recovery of the patient, taking into account that drug treatment is a multicomponent treatment, since several professionals are doing use of different techniques and instruments.

Thus, there will be medical and / or psychiatric treatment with pharmacological therapy, if necessary, individual, family, couple and group psychological treatment from a behavioral cognitive orientation. With the orange county drug rehab you can have the proper options available now.

The group therapy in patients addicted are directed by a therapist and / or psychologist, which have the function of facilitating communication between patients. Group sessions are of major importance in the detoxification and decomposition process, as they focus on alleviating abstinence syndrome, preventing relapses, controlling impulses and identifying risk situations.

On the other hand, the mirror effect that is created in these therapeutic spaces should be taken into account, looking for the identification between the same patients.

The individual psychological treatment is carried out according to the characteristics and needs of the patient using various techniques:

  • Training in social skills.
  • Prevention of relapses.
  • Stress management training.
  • Relaxation training
  • Training in coping skills.
  • Training in assertiveness.
  • Training in communication skills.
  • Anger management training.

How does the family and / or partner affect?

From our treatment program we define the family as the one or the people who coexist with the addict. We understand the great difficulty that this situation can entail, since on many occasions relatives elude their painful feelings by focusing on the addict, or simply their mood and behavior depends on how the patient is, that is why We offer personalized support to relatives with individual interventions and group therapies with other relatives, so that they also have their own space and provide them with the appropriate tools.

The treatment is structured in four stages:

Detoxification: The main objective of this stage is the cessation of consumption in order to eliminate the substance of the organism. When discontinuing the consumption arises the abstinence syndrome, which means medication (always prescribed by a professional) can be used, if necessary, in order to alleviate the symptomatology of this syndrome. In addition, in this first stage, important behavioral changes are being made by the consumer.